Todexpo platform allows hosting an online event, conference or festival. It allows event organisers, visitors, exhibitors and sponsors to interact and network in the most fun and easy way.

All your online events in one place!

It takes time to set up an event, therefore it is not easy to do everything by yourself. Managing an event is made easy by inviting your co-workers to the events you have created on the platform.
There is so much to the event, setting it up, host it live, managing, here are a few things you can collaborate with your staff on

  • Customise your event with your staff
  • Invite stands/booths, let them customise their space
  • Invite sponsors and set up campaigns for them
  • Sell tickets

Advanced sponsorship

Sponsors would love to see something more than just their logo on the event, so we decided to introduce different sponsorship tiers

  • Add sponsor’s banners, videos, logo at the top of the page!
  • Choose the tiers for every sponsor: Gold, Silver and Bronze
  • Provide analytics to your sponsors about their tier campaign

Streaming integrations

TodExpo allows you to not only use our internal video service but “plugin” with your own Video resources. If you are used to using something similar to Twitch, Youtube streaming with OBS integrations, then you are in the right place

Introducing Stands/Booths!

Large events always include loads of different companies that would like to promote themselves, thus we are giving the event organisers this functionality.

  • Unlimited number of booths/stands on the event
  • Chat with the stand staff
  • Unique UI for and customization for stands!

Blogs/News and email notification

Each event organiser and exhibitor is able to create as many blog posts and news for the event as needed which would also be sent to the users who have bought the ticket or has followed the event.

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