Trade Shows and Metaverse

Trade shows and metaverse

Metaverse is in the mouth of everyone and is expected to bring a revolution in many sectors and industries.

What about trade shows and business events? How is the metaverse going to change them?

Hard to predict at the moment, but the possibilities are endless.

We have seen a lot of technological upgrades in the last few years, especially in the ways exhibitors and buyers are matched using technological instruments such as apps and web platforms, but none of these technologies could really replace physical events. 2D platforms are great tools for events to enhance the business opportunities for physical events, but cannot replace the physical events and are costly and hard to monetize for the organizers.

The metaverse, at least hypothetically, could overcome the limits of 2D platforms and easily replace physical events, especially in some kinds of industries and for certain target groups.

Metaverse could replicate in the online world, the same pricing techniques that are used by traditional trade show organizers. Also in the metaverse companies will hypothetically be wishing to spend more to have a larger booth and a better-looking one.

As soon as the metaverse will be widely used by persons and companies to handle different daily meetings and the technology to use it will be cheap, easy to use and widely available, the metaverse might really revolution the trade show industry and it is hard to predict in which way and with which consequences for traditional physical events.

We believe that traditional events will survive, but the revolution is gonna be much stronger than the one brought by 2D platforms.

Stay tuned!

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